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Hi I'm Angela Kennedy! 

I'm a Mom of two young adults, a successful working PMP-Project Manager with a love for the great public lands and outdoor life in Montana. I am running for Montana House District 7 because I believe Montana's growth is inevitable, and it is important to manage and strategically plan and protect it and defend our rights as Montana citizens.  

I am  committed to putting Flathead County residents and families first! I will defend our State Constitution and our democracy.   Legislature should reflect the people of the Flathead and serve their needs, not special interests or corporate donors! 

I am a Conservative Democrat who believes in fiscal responsibility, preserving Montana's Constitutional right to privacy and sensible legislation.   Flathead Valley families are feeling the squeeze of rising prices, which is why we must address inflation, lower costs, and look at ways families finally get the relief they need.


A More Fair Tax System

Our country needs tax reform so huge multinational corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share, just like the rest of us do. In 2020, over fifty of the largest corporations paid $0 in federal income tax. 


A Capitalist Economy.

I believe in in capitalism – and know that, at its best, a strong capitalist economy is built on competition. Without it, prices go up and wages go down.

My main priority will be looking at ways to increase wages, lower housing costs and lowering the costs people face everyday – at the gas pump, in the grocery store, at the pharmacy, and for things like childcare and college -- so that you can keep and save more of your hard-earned money and strengthen the economy for everyone.

You and your family may have been in the Flathead Valley for generations or you’ve recently moved here.   I will represent you ethically with the values, strategy and strength to build and grow Kalispell into a place we can all be proud of and lucky to call home.

My team and I believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world.  You can rest assured that I will work tirelessly each day to contribute my part to the greater good and positive growth of Kalispell. 

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Vote Kennedy-HD7 Kalispell

I will defend your rights !

Working for you!

I know that sometimes all it takes to make a difference is to listen. 

I am determined to make a fresh impact and retain the beauty and historic feel of Kalispell.

The roots of my efforts for you is to bring innovative ideas, legislative logic and passion to the entire range of activities we’re involved  in House District 7. 

Through all of our endeavors, ideas and partnerships we hope to display the conviction to make the best decisions for Kalispell and HD 7.

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Kennedy for HD7

Working for You !


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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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303 518 8456

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